Partnership promotions provide one of the fastest ways to get the word out about businesses in similar markets or of a congruent nature.  Affiliate promotions allows those offering the promotions to benefit off of financial reward as well as other promotional benefits in an effort to cut costs while providing a message with a broader reach.

Pharmacist Integrative has put together a unique Publishing Affiliate Partnership Program which provides participation and rewards in the expansion and sales of Pharmacist Integrative Magazine, while also providing a platform for affiliates to further promote and expand their own brand to a wider audience.

Robert Kress RPh, founder and publisher of Pharmacist Integrative, tends to think outside the box in creative ways to market and promote natural and integrative medicine within the independent and community pharmacy.  It is his goal to continue to see growth of independent pharmacy and the support of the health of the communities which they serve.  Thus bringing together others who provide such benefits to this market can serve the industry well.

What does it mean to be an affiliate partner?

If you sign on to promote Pharmacist Integrative to your list, your brand will automatically quality to be represented in the Pharmacist Integrative Resource and Affiliate Partner Sections.

For every subscription you refer, you will receive a 20% commission on the sale.

To be a publishing partner only requires you to email/promote our magazine to your pharmacy list.  Just for mailing/promoting our magazine to your list, you qualify to be included in our online pharmacy resource section as well as our partner/affiliate area.

After the first 5 sales your logo and brand will be placed in a market place ad in the Print Edition of Pharmacist Integrative, a $350 value, as well as qualify for a 40% discount off our current ad rates (exclusive of any current promotional offers)

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