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Lots of opportunities in the changing landscape of health care

#150666835 / Many might say that for the profession of pharmacy, with declining reimbursements, rising drug costs and the like, that there is little opportunity to carve your own path, have a profession that is very rewarding and financially beneficial. In the early ’90′s I read an article in Whole Earth Catalog that spoke […]


Happy Fouth of July- Please Don’t Take This Freedom For Granted

Freedom of Health! As it seems the dust is clearing from Dr. Oz being grilled by members of congress, I wanted to throw and idea out of the real “reason why” this media circus happened, and not the “public servants trying to protect the masses” the media attempts to sell us on- and have this […]


Feeling Groovy Information Is An Excellent Business Model

What I love about pharmacy is that it puts me smack dab in the medical of our medical system, and allows me to practice what I consider is the best medicine, while influencing my customers to better their health. In pharmacy, I am not just counting pills, making creams, and talking to customers. I work […]

Cherry Picking Science Is Not Good Medicine

Accessing published studies to back a particular point of view is the core to medicine it seems, although the fact is, any study can be influenced towards a particular outcome. There is the issue of publication bias, such as when drug companies will choose just what studies they want to submit to the FDA for […]