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What Apples Mega Growth Can Mean To Your Business

Apple just announced its 4’th Quarter and end of year numbers, and it further proves the phenomenal business model that they execute. Sure Apple is ahead of trends, and its most likely because they create many of the trends, although looking at the results of their 4’th quarter, should tell you a direction you should […]


Why Kroger Can Do This, But You and Whole Foods Can’t (and shouldn’t even try)

Have you ever been frustrated by that large chain pharmacy giving medications away for free? Or even that mail order compounder who dramatically undercuts what should be considered a usual and customary price, or worse yet, takes their predatory “coupon skills” to your back yard, calling on your docs? The simple truth is, some companies […]

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What you should take away from the JD Power US Pharmacy Study

The landscape of retail pharmacy is getting weirder and weirder, isn’t it? Continued consolidation of the “big corner clones” which further creates a “superpower connection” between government (over-seer’s of our health care industry), PBM’s and Pharma…in my mind, an un-holy trinity of disease state management, cost gauging, and continually failing customer experience. What about the […]

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Why Preventative Health…and Not Just Disease Management Has to Be Part of Your Medical Model

Don’t let the Wellness Train leave the station before hopping on…the best time is now. Trends in consumer’s habits can tell you exactly where you want your business to be, now and in the future. One area which has been a huge growth category is health and wellness and offers the perfect complement to any […]