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GNC Disappointing First Quarter Not Due To Negative Media…But Something You Need To Pay Attention To

The message coming from GNC CEO…even in the wake of being attacked by NY Attorney General must be heard by you…if you are looking to continue to grow your nutritional business. As you probably know, back in early February the news broke in what resembled more of a sting operation; the New York Attorney General […]

Fraudulent Supplement Manufacturer Pleads Guilty

View image | I often tell people that the supplement industry is like the wild wild west…little regulations (not that I am asking for more) thus you have to rely on a quality nutritional company whom looks for third party validation on their quality control, is transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing and will […]

Is Nature Made Realizing Consumers Are Opting For Specialized Nutrition With This Move

View image | The world of nutrition is a segmented one. From sham supplements that are low quality with deceiving marketing practices, to big box chain, to mid-level herb store brands, to practitioner grade/specialized, highest quality supplements. At the same time, the nutritional world is changing, more and more people want a piece of […]

The Dietary Supplement Consumer

Infographic from Council for Responsible Nutrition. See for more.