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Fraudulent Supplement Manufacturer Pleads Guilty

View image | I often tell people that the supplement industry is like the wild wild west…little regulations (not that I am asking for more) thus you have to rely on a quality nutritional company whom looks for third party validation on their quality control, is transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing and will […]

Is Nature Made Realizing Consumers Are Opting For Specialized Nutrition With This Move

View image | The world of nutrition is a segmented one. From sham supplements that are low quality with deceiving marketing practices, to big box chain, to mid-level herb store brands, to practitioner grade/specialized, highest quality supplements. At the same time, the nutritional world is changing, more and more people want a piece of […]

The Dietary Supplement Consumer

Infographic from Council for Responsible Nutrition. See for more.


Lots of opportunities in the changing landscape of health care

#150666835 / Many might say that for the profession of pharmacy, with declining reimbursements, rising drug costs and the like, that there is little opportunity to carve your own path, have a profession that is very rewarding and financially beneficial. In the early ’90′s I read an article in Whole Earth Catalog that spoke […]